Pontfadog oak

The Pontfadog Oak fell in gales in 2013, it stood on Cilcochwyn farm in the village of Pontfadog west of Chirk in Wrexham Wales. It is said to have been the oldest and largest Sessile oak tree in the uk if not Northern Europe. Its girth is over 53 feet (16metres )  The age is reported to be between 1,181 and 1,628 years. Legend has that Owain Gwynedd rallied his Welsh troops beneath the tree in the 12th century and then went on to defeat Henry II in battle.


The ponfadog Oak is now back with Dave in Mid Wales, he is working it and has made a wonderful Dragon for the farm where it grew so they will still have a constant reminder of its beauty.
If anyone wishes to find out more about the Oak then contact Dave

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