Sculptor and Woodcarver Dave King AKA Captain Chainsaw has been carving for many years. He is based on a small holding in Mid Wales.

Dave prefers to carve in certain rare wood available to him, knowing the nature of these woods to be versatile and stable. The wood from around the country is all ethically sourced.

Being dead, dangerous or fallen. Some of Dave’s favorite woods are Walnut Yew Tulip Mulberry Black Poplar and all burr wood. Burr woods he buys and sells.

Dave works whenever he can to keep up a stock for the shows he attends during the summer.

His first major show of the year is Wood fest held in North Wales, more information on the years shows follow the links.

Dave enjoys carving many different and challenging pieces, letting the wood dictate what it wants to be.

Dave is very busy during the whole year, he will take on work if the wood is available and time allows during the winter months.

At present Dave’s interest is creating from the biggest trees available to him, unique ingenious.

Sculptures --- watch this space.

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